Stories of True Love

Quick Turnaround After One Session

My man has spent the last two days planning our honeymoon as a surprise for me.

Such a turnaround Carrie. And in such a short amount of time!!! I remember when you told me in our first chat that it can happen so quickly. I honestly didn’t believe you as much as I wanted to.

But it’s true!!

  • Angela O.

Open Yourself Up To Life

I’m engaged!  After being a single mom of two littles for the past (almost) 4 years, I was beginning to give up hope of ever being "desirable" or "dating material" again.  After my divorce in 2014 at the age of 27, I became incredibly depressed, feeling like my life was over, and I didn't know how to heal, or date, or do life on my own, or even where to turn for help.

I learned how to heal and soothe my inner child, and to embrace my feminine self, and to absolutely come alive, yes in my dating life, but it spilled over into other areas of my life too!

After learning about how to be empowered and feminine and beautiful and desirable, I showed up that way with him…and he responded!  Strongly! He was very drawn to me and made it very clear that he admired me and wanted to around me that weekend (friend's wedding).  And then our interactions just continued from there with him pursuing me lovingly and consistently, with passion and purpose, and more so every day!

  • Bethany S.

Communication That Drew Him Close

I knew that after 15 years of dating, I still didn't have the kind of relationship I really longed for...so maybe it was finally time to invest in something new.  I went into coaching feeling unsure but keeping an open mind, with a willingness to really put my heart into following what Carrie advised. Why pay a coach if you're not going to listen to her?

Carrie helped me pull the focus away from my man and back on MYSELF - she helped me re-center, think about what's best for me, and understand the difference between feeling in love and being aligned (you need both!).  

Along the way, she helped me greatly with feminine communication.  I learned to communicate all of my needs honestly with my man so that, instead of continuing to push him away, he was drawn towards me instead.  Instead of being defensive and turned off, ultimately the walls between us came down.

  • Lauren S.

After just one session I started see results.   In less than a week my husband had decided that he did not want a divorce…but wanted to work on it.  I cannot say enough about how Carrie cut right to what was needed…and coached me on very specific “things” to do. My husband is very stubborn once he has made his mind up…this is why I felt so hopeless…I really could not see him changing his mind…. Another true R.R. trained coach miracle.  Carrie is continuing to coach me to get “things” back on track.  Love You Carrie!

– Lyla


Carrie, I just wanted to let you know, We Did It!!!! We got married on Jan 2! I owe it all to you because I was definitely running my relationship into a ditch. I am so grateful for all your help. Thank you!

- Angela


I feel glad that I am working with you and yes I am yet to find the love of my life and I am a better person after working with you…I am happy and strong and I can cope with the small sad feelings that creep up now and then. Thank you Carrie…I love you.

- Anonymous


I am so thrilled and grateful to have found Carrie. A man I’d been dating exclusively for a year broke up with me a few weeks ago, and I was devastated. He put his profile back up on Match the next day, which felt like a knife through the heart. I didn’t feel ready to start dating again, and if I’d waited until I did feel ready, probably wouldn’t have gone back on Match for months. But Carrie got my self esteem up fast, and encouraged me to let men who valued me help me heal. She helped me rewrite my profile, and within a couple of weeks I was circular dating like crazy. One man actually hid his profile after our first date! I’ve dated quite a bit since my divorce, but I’m really not used to this! I can’t say enough about how good it feels. Carrie may be a miracle worker … she’s definitely the best personal coach I know.

– Rebecca


I knew I wanted a man so masculine and high value that I signed up for private coaching with Carrie and started dating. It was the first time for me to go on dates and it was scary as hell. The men I met in the beginning were low value because i was attracting them from a desperate energy. I realised that. As I met more men I started to have more and more fun. Just went to have a fun time and I started to attract higher value men.

The thing that amazed me was the abundance of men that were there. I am 29 and thought I was too old to get men. Boy was I wrong. Got on three dating apps and the men that I met were all masculine and wanted to step up in every way that I was surprised.

After six months of dating I met my man in March.  We got engaged in June and married on August 17th. Ladies I never had to do anything than to take care of myself. Everything else happened because he stepped up and made it happen.

- Subi B.

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